We need you to join us in getting batty for bats! 

In 2017 we completed the restoration of a barn at Turnastone Court Farm, utilsing it for an education centre and accomadation. During the restoration we installed a bat lodge in the roof space. 

Bats are an important part of a functioning ecosystem, this includes:

  • Pest-control
  • Pollination
  • Seed dispersal

Sadly, bats are under threat from a number of factors such as; habitat destruction, climate change, and invasive species.

By installing the bat lodge we are giving bats a safe space to flourish on Turnastone Court Farm. 

This is where we need your help, we want to raise the awareness of the threats facing bats by installing a camera system in the lodge, which will allow us to monitor the progress of the residents, whilst also sharing the footage with supporters, visitors and educators. 

Please help us support bats in the UK today.