Tools empower people

Volunteers play a vitally important role by helping us to improve habitats to support a greater variety and abundance of wildlife on our farms. But we need to equip our inspiring volunteer teams to be able to go out into the fields and woods and make a difference. Read more

One small field

Why one small field in Cambridgeshire has been attracting so many farmland birds this autumn. Read more

Restoring our barn owl barn

In 2020, we raised £30,000 from generous donations to save the Victorian barn at Bere Marsh Farm, a nesting site for barn owls, from collapse. After the restoration of the building and new roof, we were delighted to see the beloved barn owls return to their nest box in the barn and in time their baby chicks arrived. Read more

Regeneration at Pierrepont Farm

Pierrepont Farm will see changes in 2024 and we are excited to share these with you. Read more


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Discovering barn owl pellets

Barn owls are an iconic species associated with the British countryside for millennia and which the CRT are helping to recover on our farms. Read more

Evergreen ivy

Ivy is an ever-present, evergreen part of a woodland ecosystem, but it's an often misunderstood plant that does a lot of good for its environment and the creatures that share it. Read more