Our volunteers urgently need conservation equipment.

Loppers, bow saws, bill hooks and mattocks are all tools used by our volunteers regularly. We need to replenish, replace and buy new equipment on our properties. There are three main reasons for this:

  1. We want our volunteers to be fully prepared for conservation tasks.
  2. Correct equipment specifically designed for a task is a lot safer than using their own supplies.
  3. We want to reduce the sharing of equipment. (Following covid-regulations, we cannot allow our volunteers to share equipment without sterilising it between uses.)

Help us buy more volunteer equipment

Volunteers are critical to achieving our goals

We believe in encouraging people to become involved with the life and work of their local farms. Our volunteering opportunities play a vital role in conservation work, wildlife monitoring and organising events on our properties.

Volunteer's support in conservation activities and wildlife monitoring CRT spend and speeds up essential project timelines.

How volunteers benefit wildlife

Depending on the project, there are many positive benefits to having volunteers complete conservation and restoration work. Some of these benefits include:

  • Create new and improve existing habitats
  • Clearing invasive varieties allows native species to thrive.
  • Monitoring of species reflects how our work is helping and how we can improve habitats for wildlife.

CRT tenant farmer Tim ScottHow volunteers benefit our farmers

Our tenant farmers work tirelessly to improve the land for wildlife. They also work hard to make a living in one of the hardest and gruelling industries in the UK.

The farmers use the CRT volunteers to carry out vital conservation and monitoring activities on the farms that they cannot spare the time to do.

How volunteering benefits our volunteers

The benefits of volunteering can be enormous. Our volunteering offers vital support to wildlife, our farmers, and the community.

  • It connects like-minded people.
  • Being outside is proven to be positive mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Learn new, lifelong skills
  • Provides a sense of fulfilment
  • It's fun!

Help us buy more volunteer equipment

"I enjoy volunteering for the CRT because it gives me the opportunity to work outside on the farm in truly stunning countryside. It has also given me the opportunity to see and learn about local wildlife and native plants and species." 

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