As a marketing professional, it’s one of my favourite feelings to be tasked with telling the world about an exciting new project that has tremendous social and environmental value. Imagine my delight when I came across Mosaic. The education arm of the Countryside Restoration Trust (CRT), Mosaic helps children piece together farming, nature, and sustainability into one coherent whole.

I’m personally very passionate about the environment and conservation, and I wholeheartedly believe in what Mosaic is trying to achieve through connecting our young people with the great outdoors. While commitment to the cause is, of course, a key ingredient to any successful communications campaign, it’s not enough by itself to get the message out there.

Indeed, Mosaic is launching in, happily, a crowded field of organisations wanting to bring the natural world to the next generation. What I’ve tried to achieve with our campaign, is highlight what sets Mosaic apart from the rest. For example, the guided tours led by a trained and experienced education professional that take the reins from our hardworking teachers. Or the bespoke learning programmes that are tailored to each class and their objectives, and all aligned to the curriculum.

As with any marketing campaign, we have developed a range of fantastic resources that help communicate what we offer. The dedicated pages on the CRT website also provide a hub of information and resources for teachers, Scout leaders and parents. I am particularly proud of our short promotional video that showcases the beautiful farm environment that teachers can expect.

At the heart of Mosaic is an ambition to bring joy to learning while surrounded by nature, and I’ve therefore adopted a bright, fun and impactful approach to communicating our offer to schools. We shared useful products like pens and notepads to local schools at the start of the year, and an old-school puzzle game that evoked not only a sense of nostalgia but also a literal representation of the way Mosaic pieces together farming, wildlife and sustainability.

I’m pleased to say that we have in-person engagement events in the pipeline, that will provide an opportunity for teachers to see for themselves what a day out at Pierrepont Farm would look like.

We also have exciting competitions lined up, giving classes the chance to win fantastic prizes, including a free Mosaic school trip and minibeast kit. The teachers won’t miss out, as we’ll be inviting them to put their names in the hat to win a copy of The Headteacher’s Handbook by Rae Snape, published by Bloomsbury this year.

Our varied, dynamic and colourful campaign has something for everyone. We want to engage a wide range of people in our mission to connect children with nature, and we won’t rest until all local teachers, parents, Scout leaders and students know about what Mosaic offers and the wonderful experiences that it promises.