Dorset Wildlife Monitoring Officer and Volunteer Manager

Local to Bere Marsh Farm, Andy Fale has joined the Countryside Restoration Trust after working for the Dorset Wildlife Trust for 22 years.

During his time with the Dorset Wildlife Trust, he managed ten different sites across the East Dorset area, including various wildlife habitats.

One of his favourite’s sites was Upton Health near Poole, where he was restoration project manager since 1998. This nature reserve was a mix of habitats including dry, humid, and wet heath, bog pools, ponds, grassland and woodland and boasted 25 species of dragonflies and damselflies.

As Andy states, “I would describe myself as a generalist, I just cannot pick a favourite species.” However, he spoke fondly of the dragonfly monitoring scheme I set up and recording 17 species one sunny day in July, on Upton Heath!

Andy will bring years of expertise to Bere Marsh Farm and another local CRT property, Babers Farm near Bridport. He already has many plans for projects and initiatives to improve habitats across the Dorset properties.

On the farms, he will also manage the Dorset volunteers in their efforts to restore the countryside. Along with Elaine Spencer-White, Bere Marsh Farm Manager, he has already overseen small projects to cut back hedges and tidy areas of the farm.


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