The sun shone on over a thousand visitors to Bere Marsh Farm this weekend, joining CRT Staff, Trustees and Volunteers to celebrate the farm’s first anniversary. An astonishing amount of work has been completed on the farm over the last year and this was the perfect opportunity to showcase it.

The highlight of the event was the central Barn area, where there was an amazing display of the history of the farm with plans and vision for the future. Inside, there was the premier of the firm “Bere Marsh Farm – Restoration for the future”. This short emotive film has been created by award winning videographer Graham Hatherley, left everyone enthused.

Andy Fale, Wildlife Monitoring Officer and Volunteer Manager had everyone entertained with guided wildlife walks and tours of the farm. He was able to point out a range of species as people went around and everyone left having learnt something new from his amusing and informative talk, sharing his outstanding knowledge.

Children were also included in our celebration; there was a scavenger hunt for them around the farm, along with a surprise visit from Vanilla, the full-scale model cow which can be milked! However, most children will agree, Rick McCoy, the volunteer wildlife monitor, was by far the best person there, and his explanation of owl poo (pellets) left everyone giggling.

Crowds of people could be found in one small section of the farm, where bat monitoring volunteer, Jan Freeborn, was giving regular talks about the night time residents of the farm. Her knowledge of the farm is exceptional and, helped by her photos, everyone was inspired.

It was not possible to leave this event without a smile on your face! The enthusiasm of all the staff and volunteers was evident everywhere you looked. The happy and positive atmosphere radiated onto all visitors. So much has been achieved in the past year that the future of this outstanding farm is phenomenal.

“Our first Open Barn event was a huge success.  Folk from near and far came to enjoy and enquire all that Bere Marsh Farm has to offer.  We shared our plans for restoring the farm and safe guarding the wildlife which featured so perfectly in the first of the Bere Mash films that was showing in the Threshing Barn to very appreciative audiences”

Elaine Spencer-White, Bere Marsh Farm Manager

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