We know that our farms are amazing places for wildlife and our volunteers do an amazing job in helping to make them even better.  They give up their own time to complete conservation activities on our farms to help improve the biodiversity. We need to provide them with the correct tools so that they can deliver their tasks safely and effectively.

The people who become involved with the life and work of their local CRT farms, and join our Volunteers Programme play a vital role in conservation work, wildlife monitoring and organising events.

On Volunteer Days, which anyone can join, working parties help with conservation including, tree and hedge planting, hedge laying, pond creation, clearing scrub, knocking down bracken, removing invasive species (i.e. ragwort), erecting nest boxes, and other essential (and healthy) work. They also help with systematic monitoring of animals and plants, which is essential to demonstrate that our less intensive management systems are benefiting wildlife.

Following an appeal for new volunteers last year we now have an expanding group varying in skills and capabilities. Our new volunteers are learning skills from those who have more experience – and everyone shares knowledge (and cake).

What we’re lacking though is enough equipment for our new volunteers to use when they are on the farm completing conservation work. They need things like loppers, bow saws, bill hooks and mattocks so they can really help to make a difference.

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Wildlife blog: Tools empower people