Protecting, Promoting & Regenerating

The Countryside Regeneration Trust protects, promotes, and regenerates our land and all life on it, by bringing people and properties together to make everyone a friend of the countryside.

With farmland wildlife in decline, small farms are struggling to survive, and the future of our wild spaces is in jeopardy, our work has become more important than ever.

The skylark has declined by 50% over the past 40 years across Europe.
The small blue butterfly has declined in the UK by 30% since the 1970s.
Hedgehog numbers have declined by more than half since 2000.

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Individual Friendship

Nature lovers we need your help to continue our vital work of creating a cohesive countryside where humans and nature can flourish. Adults 18+ / £25 per annum.


Author: Amy Counihan

Target amount: £0.00

Amount raised: £2,000.50

Batty about bats

We need you to join us in getting batty for bats! By installing the bat lodge we are giving bats a safe space to flourish on Turnastone Court Farm.


Author: Becca Cassidy

Target amount: £350.00

Amount raised: £0.00


Farm Photography Competition

Calling all photographers! We are launching a brand new and exciting photography competition, with a chance to win a stay at our five-bedroom Turnastone Lodge in Herefordshire. Find out more and enter today!


Author: Becca Cassidy

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Our Impact

In the past six months the Countryside Regeneration Trust has achieved:


hours spent on CRT farms by volunteers.


trees planted on our sites.


hours of wildlife surveys carried out across our sites.

Education on the farm

At the heart of our work is education. We saw a need for an education programme that pieced together the farming, wildlife and countryside for children. Each session is designed for children to explore nature and farming in a safe and educational environment, on Pierrepont Farm, Surrey. Reconnecting children to nature and shaping a positive future for all.
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Author: Adam Warren

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We need your help to protect, promote and regenerate our land and all life on it.
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Author: Becca Cassidy

Get it from the horse's mouth

  • Going Batty at Pierrepont Farm

    Explore the fascinating world of our night-time aerial hunters on this evening bat discovery walk. Read more

  • Spotting the great spotted woodpecker

    If you’re walking through the woods thinking you are alone with nature, take care because that untidy bush or the shadowy bit under a tree could be a wildlife photographer dressed in camouflage gear. Read more

  • Surveying butterflies as biological indicators

    Butterflies can be considered biological indicators due to their high sensitivity to environmental change. On farmland, carrying out butterfly surveys can show us how valuable different areas of the farm are for butterflies, shedding light on where some habitat improvement may be needed. Read more

  • CRT visit Wild Ken Hill in West Norfolk

    CRT staff enjoyed a trip to Wild Ken Hill in West Norfolk on Friday, the current filming location of BBC’s Springwatch, for a tour of the farm’s productive arable land, where they are introducing the use of regenerative farming techniques. Read more