Protecting, Promoting & Regenerating

The Countryside Regeneration Trust protects, promotes, and regenerates our land and all life on it, by bringing people and properties together to make everyone a friend of the countryside.

With farmland wildlife in decline, small farms are struggling to survive, and the future of our wild spaces is in jeopardy, our work has become more important than ever.

The skylark has declined by 50% over the past 40 years across Europe.
The small blue butterfly has declined in the UK by 30% since the 1970s.
Hedgehog numbers have declined by more than half since 2000.

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Individual Friendship

Nature lovers we need your help to continue our vital work of creating a cohesive countryside where humans and nature can flourish. Adults 18+ / £25 per annum.


Author: Amy Counihan

Target amount: £0.00

Amount raised: £1,975.50

10 May trees (Hawthorn) for the Platinum Jubilee

We are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee by increasing the biodiversity across Bere Marsh Farm, Dorset.


Author: Hayley Neal

Target amount: £1,000.00

Amount raised: £100.00


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Our Impact

In the past six months the Countryside Regeneration Trust has achieved:


hours spent on CRT farms by volunteers.


trees planted on our sites.


hours of wildlife surveys carried out across our sites.

Educating the future of our world

We at the CRT believe that it is vitally important to raise environmental awareness in children from an early age and it is our aim to bring the great outdoors into schools and to individuals. Our exciting and unique farming and wildlife education programme, Mosaic, aims to connect young people with the natural world and educate them about how and why we must protect it, in a fun and hands on way.
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Author: Adam Warren

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We need your help to protect, promote and regenerate our land and all life on it.
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Author: Becca Cassidy

Get it from the horse's mouth

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    It's a welcome sign of seasonal change greeting the migrating visitors to our sites. Awnells Farm and Turnastone Court Farm, Herefordshire receives many visitors over the coming months, including the feathered variety. Read more

  • Lambing at Turnastone Court Farm

    CRT Livestock Farming and Wildlife Monitoring Assistant, Katie Morgans, experienced her first lambing season this year at Turnastone Court Farm, Herefordshire, this is her diary of the experience. Read more

  • The cowslips have arrived

    What an uplifting spring sight. These cowslips are creating a blanket of yellow across Tit Brook Meadow on Lark Rise Farm in Cambridgeshire. Read more about this curios flower now. Read more

  • Where there’s a willow there’s a way

    At Turnastone Court Farm in the golden valley of Herefordshire, volunteers have been busy over the winter months pollarding a row of willow trees (Salix sp.) which grow along the ‘Trench Royal’. Read more