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Shelters for endangered dormice

With the loss of suitable woodland habitat in the UK, Hazel dormice are struggling to find safe places to live and reproduce, so the CRT want to install nest boxes on our farms specially for them.

Hazel dormice are incredibly cute, but also rare and vulnerable to extinction. It is estimated that numbers have fallen by more than half since 2000 across the UK. The destruction and deterioration of the woodlands and hedgerows that they use to shelter, breed, feed and sleep has caused this major decline.

How the CRT can help

We want to place dormouse boxes in the trees throughout our woodlands to give the dormice a safe place to nest and sleep. The boxes are similar to bird nest boxes and allow the dormice to build their small, tightly woven nests, usually made of grass with strips of honeysuckle bark. The nest boxes are specially designed for dormice with an entrance at the back, close to the tree, to protect them from predators and a lid that can be slid to the side or lifted for monitoring.

The survival of Hazel dormice is intricately linked to the presence of a diverse ecosystem. By safeguarding dormice and preserving their habitats, we can create a ripple effect of positive impacts on a variety of other species. From peacock and red admiral butterflies to hedgehogs, and from birds like yellowhammers to corn buntings. The conservation of dormice and their homes contributes to the overall biodiversity of our farms.


How you can help

The CRT want to install nest boxes in the woodlands at Babers Farm and Turnastone Court Farm. Each box costs £16 and we need at least 20 of them.

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