It is Trustees’ Week, and we’d like to take a moment, not only to thank all the Countryside Regeneration Trust’s trustees, but all the trustees around the United Kingdom that give up their time to make a difference to a cause of their choosing.

There is no doubt that charities make a big difference, but in order for everything to function, it requires selfless individuals who are prepared to give up some of their free time and use their skills and energy to advance the aims and objective of the charity they’re involved with.

At the CRT, we’ve had several new trustees start with us recently, so we asked one of them, retired Technical, Quality and IT Manager Duncan Fisher, why he wanted to become involved with the CRT.

“When I retired, I volunteered to help reduce the impact of agricultural production on wildlife and to encourage native flora and fauna to thrive. Whilst the physical work was very enjoyable, I could see other opportunities to assist so I applied to be a trustee because I believe I can use my professional skills to support the charity to deliver its objectives,” said Duncan.

“I retired from my job, but not from life, so acting as a Trustee for a charity gives me a chance to use my work skills while giving back to society,” he added. “Developing new skills and making new friends is also personally very rewarding. It also helps me maintain a positive interest in something that’s intellectually challenging outside of the home.

Duncan who is based in Cambridgeshire near to the CRT’s Lark Rise Farm, explained that working with positive and enthusiastic people who have a shared goal is proving to be an exceptional experience. “I would heartily recommend anyone retiring from paid employment to consider a trusteeship with a charity. Retiring from a full-time job leaves a void that needs filling. This is the ideal way to do that and to apply the skills and experience gained during a lifetime of work.”


Above: Duncan still enjoys hands-on volunteering, as well as being a new trustee.

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 Published: 8th November 2023