Conservation Officer

Vince has been fascinated by the biological world since he entered it! Having read everything he could find in his parents' household encyclopaedia, he surprised his teachers at school with knowledge such as the unusual Z- form of DNA. Studying Biological Sciences at UEA opened his eyes to the beauty of biological molecules and the study of genetics. Although he went to study ecology, the potential of crop genetics studied at the John Innes Institute offered him an alternative career path: improving the performance of our crop plants can make more efficient land use possible, freeing up land for nature and reducing the need for chemical treatments on crops.

Watching nature was a weekend hobby for Vince and a mid-life career change allowed Vince to be paid for his hobby. His role at CRT has expanded to include aspects of conservation work. He has run a mink-control operation in Cambridgeshire, linked to other operations across East Anglia, and which is hoped will provide a model for future eradication nationally. Water voles have now returned to the Bourn Brook thanks to the removal of many mink over the last ten years.

Vince is also involved in some education work at CRT. While he is hopeful that the next generation will have a strong voice for nature, he is concerned about most children's lack of understanding about wildlife.

As well as working part-time for CRT in his wildlife-monitoring role, Vince does contract work surveying birds for organisations such as the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and other species for local conservation organisations. He is invested in achieving a sustainable lifestyle, by growing vegetables and harvesting energy to run the home, for example.

Vince is a regular contributor to The Lark, and helps spread the word about CRT by talking to the local radio station from time to time. He is always happy to talk about wildlife with anyone!


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