We have a number of different activities on offer at our farms ranging from meeting/learning about animals and invertebrates to identifying trees and plants.  Each session has been especially created to be interactive and age appropriate.  All sessions are led by an Education Officer who is experienced in working with Primary aged children and who has a wealth of farming and wildlife knowledge to share. 

On arrival your child will be registered by the Troop Leader and asked to sanitise their hands.  Their first challenge will be to complete a fun Covid-19 outdoor quiz to get them thinking about what Covid-19 rules they must follow during their visit.   Once everyone has arrived, children will be given a safety briefing and put into bubbles of 6 or less.  Each bubble will be supervised by an adult.  When children move around the farm they will be asked to form a socially distanced line, one behind the other and adults will be positioned at the front and back of each line to ensure children are safe and adhering to social distancing. 

After each break and at the end of an activity, children will be asked to wash their hands at the handwashing station.  All equipment children touch during the day will be sanitized before and after use.   Children will be asked to pick up their own activity equipment from a resources ‘collection zone’ (to avoid double handling) and will be asked to place it in the ‘drop off’ zone at the end of the activity.  Children will not share stationery.  Instead individual stationery bags will be made up for each child containing everything your child needs to complete the activity.