Is your garden ready for a new neighbour? 

Our dedicated volunteers have been busy bees building a range of nest boxes and shelters for wildlife. Wherever possible, our wildlife boxes are made from recycled wood. 

Benefits of wildlife nest boxes and shelters

Nest boxes and shelters encourage a greater variety of wildlife to your garden. From birds to bats and countless pollinating insect species, here are three great reasons how you can help on your own doorstep. 

  • Flower pollination - attracting a wider variety of bees, moths and birds to your wild garden helps to pollinate flowers and encourage improved floral biodiversity. 
  • Controlling pests - encouraging birds to your garden naturally helps to keep in check pest specie - therefore avoiding the use of harmful pesticides. 
  • Conservation - most species having been struggling in recent decades. By providing nest boxes and shelters in your garden during the all important breeding season, you are helping wildlife to thrive.  

Our range of boxes and shelters are available for purchase and collection from CRT's Bere Marsh Farm. Please contact the team via email or on 07398 706131, to purchase yours today! All proceeds go towards wildlife conservation on CRT farms. 

Range & Price list

Retailed at Bere Marsh Farm...

  • Small Bug hotel - £7
  • Large Bug hotel - £15
  • Small Bird Nest Box (Triangular) - £15
  • Small Bird Nest Box (Rectangular) - £15
  • Small Bird Nest Box (Open fronted) - £15
  • Bat Roost Box (Double entrance) - £15
  • Swift Nest Box - £15
  • Sparrow Nest Box - £25
  • Hedgehog Shelter - £35

Built and collect to order from Bere Marsh Farm...

  • Little Owl Nest Box (Outdoor) - £35
  • Tawny Owl Nest Box (Outdoor) - £35
  • Kestrel Nest Box (Outdoor) - £35
  • Barn Owl Nest Box (Indoor) - £70
  • Barn Owl Nest Box (Outdoor) - £70
  • Dormouse Nest Box - £10 (Sold only to licensed surveyors)

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