Awnells Farm

200 acres
Orchards and grassland farm 

This 200-acre grassland farm is situated in some of Herefordshire’s most beautiful countryside. The land and farm buildings, which include the cattle yards at Street and Redlands farms, were made over to the Trust by a deed of gift from David Powell in 2000.

David has retained the right to continue living and farming Awnell's Farm for as long as he wishes. The farm has a closed herd of traditional Hereford cattle with an ancestry dating back over 170 years. A wonderful orchard includes many old cider apple trees, some of which are 300 years old, making this an especially important farm.

Highlight species

Cuckoo Redstart
Little owl
Little owl

UK conservation status: Red 

UK conservation status:  Amber 

UK conservation status: Introduced 

Other notable species

Starling Fieldfare Buzzard
UK conservation status:   Red  UK conservation status:   Red  UK conservation status:  Green 

Exceptional records

Lesser spotted woodpecker Pied flycatcher
UK conservation status:   Red  UK conservation status:   Red 

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