Polystichus connexus © Peter Harvey
Polystichus connexus © Peter Harvey Source: Link

A couple of nights ago, we set up our garden moth trap waiting to see whether the typical species were still present and maybe even thriving due to the heatwave we have recently seen.

And I was not disappointed! Polystichus connexus a red-and-black subterranean ground beetle (Carabid) came to our garden moth trap on Aug 7th was joint first for Cambridgeshire as someone else had one in their moth trap the same night!

The heatwave probably caused an unprecedented move of this species. It seems to be more of an Eastern European speciality - most recording deriving from Romania or Bulgaria. We did not realise how rare it was so just got a snap of it crawling round the bottom of the collecting tube… there were a lot of freaky insects in the trap that night.

Also, our first House crickets for the garden. There were a couple of them chirruping elsewhere in Barton over the past few nights. I have not heard them in the village before but have heard them in Cambridge where the slightly warmer built up environment suits them in cooler years.

Dr Vince Lea
Head of Wildlife Monitoring

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