A defibrillator and the actions of people nearby can make a life-saving difference during a sudden cardiac arrest

The CRT cares for all living things on our farms: birds, insects, plants, farm animals, but of course our human visitors are so important to us too. We pride ourselves on being part of the community surrounding our farms, where many of our Friends and volunteers live and take time to support us. In times of need, a community comes together to support one another.

Defibrillators stand as unsung heroes, ready to spring into action when seconds count the most. These life-saving devices play a crucial role in restoring normal heart rhythm during a sudden cardiac arrest, which is a medical emergency that requires immediate intervention. The chances of survival decrease by approximately 10% with each passing minute without defibrillation. The use of a defibrillator within the first three to five minutes of a cardiac episode has a success rate of approximately 75%. 

We have many visitors to Bere Marsh Farm in Dorset and want to raise money to buy and install a defibrillator on the farm.

CRT supporter Nigel, from Somerset, said: "My son was born with a heart defect that was discovered when he was six months old. He had two major operations, the first when he was just two and a half. Thanks to the expertise of our country's incredible medical community, he enjoys a normal, active life and spends lots of time outdoors in the countryside. He is now 38 and has a beautiful family - he and his wife have just welcomed their third child."

"However, last year he collapsed very suddenly and suffered cardiac arrest. Thankfully there was a defibrillator nearby and the people around him rushed to get it. He spent several weeks in hospital and he now has a device fitted to automatically restart his heart if it were to happen again. It is only thanks to those peoples' quick actions and the fact that there was a defibrillator close at hand that he is alive today. It is truly a life saving piece of equipment that every community should have within reach."

We are determined to create a safer environment for all who use our farm, and your support will play a crucial role in achieving this goal. Let's work together to make our community even stronger, safer and more vibrant. 

How you can help

We are currently running twelve appeals to support the countryside in our Twelve Gifts of Christmas campaign. This includes raising money to buy a defibrillator to be located at Bere Marsh Farm in Dorset. You can make a donation from yourself or as a Christmas gift for friends and family at Defibrillator for Bere Marsh Farm.

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