Eurasian HobbyBack at the start of August, during another monitoring survey, I heard the young of a pair of hobbies in Westfield of Lark Rise Farm.  

Shortly after, on the10th Aug, Tim had an excellent sighting as he saw the pair hunting, swooping around his harvester. Both parent hobbies caught a reed bunting which I’m sure would have been a welcome meal.

Back in the same field, in the Comberton village side of Lark Rise Farm, I saw the pair, defending their nest territory, mobbing Red Kite on Aug 12th.

This is wonderful news and the first breeding records at Lark Rise since 1999! We see this pair every year, but they must breed elsewhere in other years.

Another wildlife monitor, Roger Buisson, saw them again today!

Whilst Roger was on the western side of the farm, he also saw a barn owl at Westfield near one of the nest boxes. I am hoping they might have a late attempt at nesting this year there as well… will know in October!

Dr Vince Lea
Head of Wildlife Monitoring

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