Poet Sam Scriven enjoyed our Nature Writing Creative Workshop at Bere Marsh Farm this summer. He was so inspired by the farm and his day that he penned this beautiful poem:

Of the wilderness

By Sam Scriven

Bright Sun

Shining at the centre of things

Squinting into a heaven that pours

Gold leaf and rubies over the waiting earth I find

I am the Sun

In atoms hewn from a stars innards

In the gravity of my existence pulling at those around me

I cast rays and shadows

Brightening some faces into smiles

Furrowing others with dark looks


With thin mythology to guild my state

I stride and strive to live well 

Energy made flesh

All consuming 

Heat and light

Momentum, repulsion

Hatred and love


And at the last, witnessed blindly

By the rest of the Sun’s earthly congregation

My substance and my story

Will be prepared, silent, for resurrection


Borrowed atoms

Borrowed thoughts

A person made and unmade 


In the wildness 

Of a star’s fire


I burn


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 Published: 2 October 2023