The Countryside Restoration Trust (CRT) is a champion of biodiversity, restoring farming landscapes and woodlands for wildlife. 

Our countryside is in crisis

Farmland wildlife species are declining, smaller farms are struggling to compete, people have grown out of touch with the landscape, and future generations will not know where their food originates. 

The CRT takes a holistic approach to tackle the biodiversity crisis. We own 18 properties across England and our tenant farmers work with conservation monitoring officers and volunteers to make improvements so that they are the best they can be for wildlife. Our properties have become part of the local community, with disused farm buildings being restored into business units and Mosaic education teaching the wildlife and farming fundamentals to future generations.

CRT was established in 1993 by farmer, journalist and conservationist, Robin Page and the late artist and conservationist, Gordon Beningfield.

Our initial aim was to buy intensively farmed land with declining wildlife numbers to restore it to create a living countryside. As the Trust has grown, our aims have broadened to encompass purchasing farmland and woodland where traditional farming methods, wildlife habitat and biodiversity are under threat. We create a working countryside using sensitive and sympathetic farming practices that encourage and protect wildlife and produce high-quality produce.

CRT farmers pay rent (commercial conservation rates) set at a level to allow them to farm in a wildlife-friendly way.

Much like grants from Government or EU conservation schemes, this varies and is dependent on how farmers to choose to help nature – whether by reducing fertiliser use, cutting grass-for-hay late in the season, or replenishing livestock at a reduced rate.

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