"There is no such thing as death. In nature nothing dies. From each sad remnant of decay, some forms of life arise" - Charles Mackay

Raising money in someone's memory is a beautiful way of honouring their life and leaving a lasting tribute, whilst also helping protect the countryside for future generations.

Donations like these are so heart-warming for us to receive, and we thank you so much.

How your donation helps

Your donation is vital for us to continue our work creating a living, working countryside that supports humans and nature.

Some of our key practices include:

  • Sustainable farming - We provide support, resources and volunteers to our tenant farmers allowing them to sustainable farming methods and create pockets of biodiversity. For example, volunteers on all the properties have planted hedgerows, resulting in wildlife corridors and increased biodiversity. 
  • Monitoring our success - The latest State of Nature report estimate that 15% are at threat of extinction in the UK. Our wonderful team of Wildlife Monitors and volunteers provide data that we evaluate and disseminate. For example, on Lark Rise Farm, the number of Yellowhammers in 25 times higher now than they were 20 years ago. 
  • Reconnecting with the countryside - Urbanisation has distanced large numbers of people from the countryside, creating a barrier to learning. We work to restore fundamental farming and wildlife knowledge to everyone.
  • Natural heritage restoration - Native species and rare breeds are vitally important to CRT. We focus on saving some critically endangered species via breeding programmes and recovery initiatives.

Our sites are havens for nature and wildlife creating healthy and safe environments for them to flourish. Most notably at Awnells Farm in Herefordshire we had the rare orchard tooth fungus fruit, which has previously been recorded at only 14 sites across Britain. Also the rare Coprinellus heptemerus was sighted at Bere Marsh Farm, Dorset, this tiny fungus has only every been recorded 13 times in the UK.

With your help we can continue this vital work and give a home to a variety of species.

Ways to donate


Follow the link below to donate via our website.

Create a memory dedication

At the funeral or wake

Many funeral directors will arrange this for you and will help you by collecting all donations and forwarding them straight to us.

You will need our address for this:

The Countryside Restoration Trust
12 Bennell Court
West Street
CB23 7EN

Please only send cheques in the post, please do not send us cash in the post. Cheques must be made payable to Countryside Restoration Trust, please.