Bere Marsh Farm Manager 

Elaine Spencer-White closed a rewarding career in 2014 that was anchored within the rural sector of both the UK and Southern Africa, returning to the UK in 2000.

After the foot-and-mouth outbreak national policy focused on shortening the food chain under the slogan of ‘local food for local people’.  Elaine was the driving-force for a part-EU funded project to research, launch and manage the production and marketing of food and drink for more than 80 farmers, growers and producers across 260sq. miles of the Somerset Levels and Moors. The collective trademark Levels’ Best was registered in 2007 to identify and protect the wide range of  produce and the associated markets.

Elaine's support for the CRT combines career knowledge and personal passion and concern for native wildlife, along with a sound belief that they should be mutually inclusive.

She hiked a total of 300 cross-country miles for the Gordon Beningfield Appeal to assist the “Dorset Dream” and is delighted to now manage the restoration of Bere Marsh Farm.


Please note, Elaine works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday so might be slightly delayed responding to your contact.

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