Conservation and Mapping Officer 

Ruth grew up on a 125-acre farm in the North Yorkshire National Park and spent her childhood exploring the farm's grasslands, woods, and moorland. This is undoubtedly where her love for wildlife blossomed.

When she was a teenager, her family moved down to Wiltshire where she studied A-level biology.

Her love for biology grew and led her to undertake a BSc degree in 'International Wildlife Biology' at the University of South Wales. Her dissertation was an independent research project in plant bioacoustics - a topic she found across when exploring the literature. The notion fascinated and astounded her lecturers. Despite it being a relatively understudied subject area, she undertook the design. She completed the experiment and discovered some very significant results.

"I feel very fortunate and grateful to be joining the Countryside Restoration Trust in a role which combines my agricultural interests my upbringing, and my passion for wildlife conservation together."

Ruth has recently given a interview to Little Green Change about her role, how she got here and advice to anyone wanting a career in conservation:


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