Nature-friendly farming is a positive way to protect the natural world and build a better future for everyone. Nature is in crisis, but working together we can create the right habitat for our native animals and plants, and still grow the food we need. But to keep bees buzzing, owls hunting, and water voles rustling by a riverbank near you, we need your help.

Join the CRT as a Friend today and shape a future where everyone can experience the wonders of the countryside.

Types of Friendship

Individual Friendship

£30 per year

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£40 per year

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£50 per year

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Life member Sylvia Fox has passionate reasons for being a CRT supporter.

“I feel I’m putting my money where my mouth is because I believe it’s essential that we farm in the right way. By that I mean not intensively, and with methods that support nature,”

As a CRT Friend, you will receive:

  • A welcome pack
  • The Lark - our biannual 44-page magazine brimming with wildlife success stories, regenerative farming best practices and new conservation opportunities
  • Monthly E-news round up by e-mail
  • Advance notification of any special events and open days at our farms
  • Opportunities to volunteer at your local CRT conservation projects
  • 10% Discount staying at CRT’s Turnastone Lodge, Herefordshire

One Friend recently wrote to us with the following statement:

“[I hope] that you can move forward in upholding the principles of the CRT, which I think are crucial in transforming farming into a more environmentally sustainable enterprise that is critical to help solve the massive crisis of climate change, loss of biodiversity and again show kindness and respect to our earth, for the benefit of future generations.”

Success Stories

Hazel dormice habitats
Barn owls at Bere Marsh Farm
Wildlife oasis at Westfield

Our wildlife monitors and volunteers have created a hedgerow habitat in Herefordshire for the elusive and endangered hazel dormouse to thrive.

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Barn owls are an iconic species of the British countryside. These beautiful creatures mate for life and we’ve created a protected space for barn owl breeding at Bere Marsh Farm.

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Westfield is described as a ‘wildlife oasis’. This 120-acre section of Lark Rise Farm, near Cambridge, is home to 20% of all British bird species and almost 50% of butterflies.

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But why is Nature Friendly Farming important?

Dorset-based volunteer Michael has a very personal reason for being a CRT Friend; his late wife was laid to rest in the woodland burial ground which forms part of Bere Marsh Farm in Dorset. Now, getting involved with essential tasks at the farm brings him comfort and social opportunities. Michael said:

“I very much support what the CRT is about. I think it was ahead of its time when you view the current government’s policy on trying to balance conservation with food production.”