Barn owls have been a common sight at the CRT’s Bere Marsh Farm for almost 20 years, hunting in the local countryside and taking up residence in a formerly tumbledown barn on the land. They are cherished by the local community and testament to the healthy eco-environment cultivated at Bere Marsh.

Thanks to the generosity of CRT friends, volunteers and the local community, £30,000 was successfully raised for the barn owl barn, of which almost half was spent on repairs to the barn. All the remaining funds will go towards ensuring that the owls will have a safe and secure home for years to come.

The barn is now a safe haven for the owls, and perfectly curated to attract rodents during bad weather when it is more difficult for them to hunt outside.

Bere Marsh Farm’s barn owls and their barn were featured on BBC Radio Solent’s breakfast show on 11 August (listen from 25mins and 48mins), and later that day on BBC South evening news. It was also featured as a news article on the BBC website. The CRT is dedicated to inspiring the wider countryside community to understand and appreciate the importance of wildlife to farming, food, the natural environment, and wellbeing. Media coverage such as this is an important way of communicating our work and its impact.