Twenty-two participants have responded to BeeWayZz’s call to ‘plant for pollinators’.

Two gardening clubs, three parish councils, Dorset Council, Clayesmore School and a local farm are all taking part, and many individuals are sowing pollinator friendly plants in their own gardens.

Bere Marsh Farm is acting as the HUB for this community initiative, which aims to increase the number of pollinator-friendly plants within a 3km radius of the farm.

Dr Susanna Curtin, BeeWayZz Community Coordinator, said: “BeeWayZz’s ‘recommended planting list’ was in high demand and is now informing the flower planting plans of councils, community groups and gardeners.

“The amount of interest reveals that people are concerned about the state of our natural environment. Small community projects like BeeWayZz offer people concrete suggestions as to what they can do to help tackle biodiversity decline, helping people to feel more positive and hopeful.”

On Bere Marsh Farm, the CRT team has worked with volunteers to create three patches of flowers for pollinators next to our site office. We’ve also placed bee hotels on the farm’s orchard to provide shelter for solitary bees and other pollinating insects.

The farm hosts three top-bar bee hives for honey bees, which are cared for by members of the local community.  

To find out more visit BeeWayZz - Planting for Pollinators | Countryside Regeneration Trust (