Reducing food waste is an important step in tackling climate change and improving the relationship between communities and where our food comes from, said the Countryside Restoration Trust (CRT) in response to the announcement from Morrisons that they will remove the ‘Use By’ dates on their milk.

Danielle Dewe, Chief Executive of the CRT, said: “The Countryside Restoration Trust (CRT) supports efforts to reduce food waste, including the latest initiative from Morrisons to remove the ‘Use By’ date on milk. By connecting communities with where their food comes from through engagement and events, the CRT hopes to encourage households to reduce food waste through a greater understanding and appreciation for farming. This is all the more important while farmers are facing a difficult period of increasing costs and adapting to significant changes in agricultural policy. Finally, we know that agriculture, land use and peatlands contribute 12% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions, so it is also important that we do make the most of all the high-quality produce that our hardworking British farmers provide.”


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