Babers Farm in Marshwood, Dorset, was this week unveiled as the Gordon Beningfield Memorial Farm in celebration of the late great artist’s life and vision of the Dorset Dream, said the Countryside Restoration Trust (CRT).

Gordon Beningfield's dream was to see small-scale, nature-friendly farming delivering high-quality produce. As co-founder of the CRT, renaming Babers Farm pays tribute to Gordon Beningfield’s life and work, as well as his love of Dorset, its people, farming culture and wildlife.

Gordon’s family, including his wife, Betty Beningfield, joined CRT Trustees, Nicholas Watts MBE and William Cross, at a momentous meeting on Saturday 4 September to commemorate a new era for the farm. 

Betty Beningfield said: “Babers farm is the Dorset Dream. Walking around the fields and orchard, I thought of how much Gordon would have loved the beauty and tranquillity of the whole area.”

Nicholas Watts MBE, CRT Trustee, conservationist and founder of Vine House Farm, said: “When I look out across the Babers Farm pastures and woodlands, and down to the sea beyond, I am filled with hope for what can be achieved when we stay true to Gordon’s vision and regenerate our countryside. I am very honoured that we can memorialise Gordon’s contribution and life’s work in dedicating Babers Farm to him. Babers Farm is emblematic of the CRT and our mission to connect wildlife, farming and the local community. In this spirit, I hope that Babers Farm will be a place where Friends of the CRT can come together to enjoy and restore the Dorset countryside.”