Volunteering projects have been intermittent due to lockdowns and local restrictions caused by the pandemic. However, in line with government guidance, some volunteering activities have been able to take place over the past few weeks.

‘Rockin’ around at Pierrepont Farm’

At the end of November, Carbon Footprint delivered 650 hedging plants to Pierrepont Farm in Surrey.

The volunteers have been working every weekend since planting the variety of plants around the lovingly named ‘Rubbish Dump Field’. They have battled through the mix of winter’s weather to get these plants in the ground as soon as possible.

An area on Pierrepont Farm ‘Rubbish Dump Field’, this piece of land has been dedicated to restoring dedicated space for wildlife alongside other projects on this working dairy farm.

Over the past few weekends, the volunteers on Pierrepont Farm lined the edges of this field with the plants delivered by Carbon Footprint. Despite the challenges brought on by COVID-19 and the weather, they managed to plant 130m of hedges!

‘Baby, it’s cold outside’… at Mayfields Farm

At Mayfields Farm, the first Friday of the month began with a team of seven Mid-Norfolk Conservation Volunteers who braved the elements to re-plant rows hedge at the entrance to the farm.

This hedgerow was first planted in spring 2020. However, after an unusually warm and very dry spring and early summer, the plants struggled to establish themselves and unfortunately perished.

This second selection of native plants was supplied by TCV - The Conservation Volunteers and OVO Energy as part of the #IDigTrees movement helping local communities plant even more carbon-capturing trees in 

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