Since taking on the running of Dorset’s Bere Marsh Farm, we’ve been immortalising the progress made by staff and volunteers alike through a series of short films. We’ve now launched our third film in the series, called Bere Marsh Farm: Shaping The Future.

Each one of our films has been created by renowned Dorset wildlife filmmaker, Graham Hatherley, who flies around the world to capture his nature footage but has enjoyed himself just as much capturing the wildlife on his doorstep and telling the story of Bere Marsh Farm.

While the work of the CRT is still in its relative infancy when it comes to Bere Marsh Farm, the successful strides forward include a clear idea of how we want it to develop and what we need to do to succeed.

This film features our happy ‘conservation’ pigs rootling in the ground, the reflowering of fields that flood, and dedicated volunteers working hard to restore a wildlife rich environment - all important components in the Bere Marsh narrative.

The film is just over 5 minutes long, so make of cup of tea, sit back and enjoy the show as CRT trustees, staff and volunteers tell you why Bere Marsh Farm is so special.