This week is #TrusteesWeek and it is the perfect opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to the CRT’s wonderful board of trustees. The past year has been difficult for all of us, but especially those charged with making strategic decisions under immense pressure. The dedication and drive of our trustees has helped the CRT to weather storms and arrive at the exciting place we now find ourselves – a place of huge potential and growth.

A lot of has been demanded of the CRT’s trustees, requiring collaboration, strategizing, tough decisions and, of course, long hours . That we are now in place of growth and looking at a positive future is absolutely testament to their dedication and effective teamwork. As a result, I know that our trustees have the support and confidence of the friends, volunteers, and staff. 

The current board comprises a valuable set of skills, including conservationist and farming knowledge, mixed with lots of pragmatism, and a desire to celebrate and promote the excellent work of the CRT. We are now undertaking a huge amount of work to look at every angle of the CRT, understand where we are now, where we want to be, and what we need to do to get there.

Despite the hard work that the past year has demanded, I know that our trustees are not backing down now. They are united in their vision for the next era of the CRT, a future which champions regenerative farming, for the benefit of the countryside and its communities.

I am particularly grateful to Nicholas Watts MBE for taking up the position of Chair at this pivotal moment for the charity.

Nicholas Watts MBE, chair of the board of trustees, said: “I love working with you because the concept of the CRT is so relevant in today’s world, with so much uncertainty out there it is the golden opportunity for us to show the way and make a difference. Everyone is talking about connecting with nature for the benefits to our mental health.”

I am also immensely grateful to David Mills MBE, William Cross, Graham Girling and Tim Scott for their contributions and generosity. The future is bright for us.

- Danielle Dewe, CEO, The Countryside Restoration Trust