Tim Ford established his business just over 10 years ago at Twyford Farm. Initially just a hobby, but now his livelihood, Tim has a passion to keep a traditional rural craft alive has created a niche business creating items from wood felled at Twyford.

As his experienced and knowledge expanded, so did Tim’s business. Not only does he produce hurdles, fencing and other items needed for farming – both environmentally and financially beneficial to Twyford as they do not have to buy in the wood – he also provides bespoke items for events, shows and weddings. He was recently commissioned to produce items for the Forest School National Conference. Now Tim also shares his knowledge teaching at local colleges and hosting forestry schools in the woods at Twyford.

Tim Ford has also shared his knowledge with his two sons. However, it is his 11 year old son Michael who has now become competition for Tim. Since showing him the ropes at just four years old, Michael has become very talented at producing the hand crafted flowers. Michael also often helps his dad lead the Forestry schools by showing the adults how to work with wood!

This rural tradition is not only for the benefit of Tim’s business but also contributes to the local wildlife. Tim has actively assisted in the woodland management at Twyford farm by introducing hazel and coppicing hazel wood – great for hazel mice and woodwork. He also helps maintain the hedgerows and other features which make a great natural home for wildlife at Twyford. From the wood he fells, Tim will make and erect many man-made homes for barn owls and tits. For further information visit Rustic Tim and Sons Facebook page