Hedgehog Shelter

Is your garden ready for a new neighbour? 

Our dedicated volunteers have been busy bees building an array of boxes and houses for wildlife. Each one has been made in part with reclaimed wood.

Benefits of wildlife boxes and houses

Wildlife boxes and houses encourage varying species into your garden, from birds to bats to bees, offering you many benefits to your wild space and the biodiversity dwelling there: 

  • Flower pollination - attracting pollinating species like bees, moths and some birds to your garden will encourage the spreading of vital flora.
  • Controlling pests - encouraging birds to your garden will aid in eliminating unwanted pests, removing the need to use otherwise harmful pesticides. 
  • Conservation - many wild species having been struggling over many months, by offering an easy to access hide this allows a chance for the wildlife to thrive.  

Our array of boxes and hides are available for purchase and collection from our Bere Marsh Farm site.