The Terms and Conditions that apply are:

  1. The duration of the sponsorship is for 10 years from the date of the tree being planted and the name plate being placed.
  2. You will be contacted at the end of the sponsorship period to discuss what will happen to the name plate and if you would like to extend your sponsorship period for an additional fee.
  3. It is your responsibility to notify the CRT if you change address.
  4. The wording on the name plate is restricted to 20 characters, if this is not sufficient the CRT staff will contact you to discuss before printing.
  5. The CRT reserves the right to refuse and wording that is considered unsuitable.
  6. The final layout of the name plate is at the discretion of the engraver, and the variety of the fruit tree must also be included.
  7. The CRT has the right to replace the tree for any reason.
  8. If the tree does not survive the 10 year duration of the sponsorship the CRT will replace it with no additional cost to the sponsor.
  9. No vases, pot plants, shrubs, bedding plants or any other form of tribute or recognition at allowed in the orchard. Any that are placed will be removed.
  10. The CRT has responsibility for care and maintenance of the tree for the duration of the sponsorship.

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