247 acres
Ancient water meadow farm

Turnastone Court Farm is located in West Herefordshire’s beautiful Golden Valley area. The 247-acre farm borders the River Dore. The majority of it is permanent pasture and it has a unique area of water meadow that has been unploughed for over 400 years.

The CRT purchased Turnastone Court Farm in January 2003 when the ancient meadows were at risk of being turned into potato farms. Local residents contacted us to let us know about the worrying prospects of the farm, and how the wildlife-rich area would be negatively affected. Following a fundraising campaign, we raised the money to buy the farm and allow its wildlife habitats to thrive – which they have!

This farm is currently without tenant farmers but we are looking forward to announcing the exciting plans soon.

Based in the heart of cider country, Turnastone would not be complete without an orchard comprising local varieties of apples and pears.

Escape to the Lodge at Turnastone Court Farm to enjoy the tranquil beauty of Herefordshire’s Golden Valley. The Lodge is in an idyllic spot with stunning views, giving you complete seclusion and access to glorious countryside. You’ll stay on a working farm, nestled alongside the River Dore with 247 acres of land, including a large expanse of precious water meadows, some of which have not been ploughed for over 400 years. This is a space you’ll fall in love with.