Here at the CRT, we are passionate about Britain's wildlife, landscapes, farmland, diverse habitats and natural wonders. Sadly, as the current David Attenborough series 'Wild Isles' is highlighting, our wildlife is in great peril. With 40% of species in decline and more than one in seven native species facing extinction, nature depletion in Britain is occurring at a rapid rate. British wildlife deserves a better future and the time to act is now.

Our conservation initiatives are making a difference to the countryside you know and love. 

We are steward to 19 properties across the UK, each with its own approach to sensitive land management, conservation projects and nature-friendly farming practices, all aimed at reversing the decline in biodiversity. Find out more about some of our recent successes:

Saving the water vole

Hazel dormice habitats

Cambridgeshire water voles had their best year yet in 2022. Find out how we are bringing life back to the waterways and wetlands of East Anglia.

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Our wildlife monitors and volunteers have created a hedgerow habitat in Herefordshire for the elusive and endangered hazel dormouse to thrive.

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Barn owls at Bere Marsh Farm

Wildlife oasis at Westfield

Barn owls are an iconic species of the British countryside. These beautiful creatures mate for life and we’ve created a protected space for barn owl breeding at Bere Marsh Farm.

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Westfield is described as a ‘wildlife oasis’. This 120-acre section of Lark Rise Farm, near Cambridge, is home to 20% of all British bird species and almost 50% of butterflies.

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Nature Friendly Farming

At the CRT we believe that farming and nature should live and thrive in harmony together. Hedges and grass margins provide homes for wildlife on farms and there are many other considerate steps that can be taken to protect them. For example, only harvesting in the daytime and working from the middle of the field outwards gives the wildlife in the field the chance to escape from a combine harvester into the sanctuary of a nearby hedge. Creating a mosaic of varied crops also provides a range of food sources for birds. 

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How you can help

We can’t do it without you. If you want to help us protect local wildlife you can support the CRT in any number of ways, from joining as a CRT Friend to volunteering on one of our farms and attending our events. You can also sign-up to our monthly newsletter 'CRT News' for regular updates from our farms, straight to your in-box.

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Read more about the wildlife and conservation initiatives on our farms here Wildlife Blog


Owl images © Geoff Harries