Wildlife success stories

Discover some of our biggest triumphs for wildlife conservation this year so far, thanks to the hard work of our conservation team and volunteers, and the support of our CRT Friends. Read more

Wildlife success story videos

Hear from our conservation team, sharing some lovely wildlife success stories on our farms. Read more

Brian Elliott

Brian was a wonderful man with a kind and gentle soul. He was always happy out in nature, spending time with friends and family or fixing up a vintage car. He was quick with a smile, a joke, and a practical hand. His knowledge of all things nature was amazing. Everyone who knew him will know something wonderful about a plant or bird that they never knew before. Family and friends will have many happy stories of his willingness to help practically. As fast as someone could ask advice abo Read more

Turnastone Scything Course

Join CRT Volunteers for an introduction to Scything with expert Danny Hodgson Read more

Meet the Trotters... Bere Marsh Farm’s two new boars Del Boy and Rodders!

Two new residents have made their home at Bere Marsh Farm in Dorset and are already squealing with excitement and busy rootling around. Read more