Fairy House instructions

  • Wrap some double sided sticky tape around the top, middle and bottom sections of the toilet roll.
  • Attach brown leaves to the sticky tape, overlapping them slightly, until the entire toilet roll is covered.
  • Place a circular biscuit jar lid (or equivalent) onto the white card, draw round it and cut it out.
  • Cut a small pizza shaped slice from the circle.
  • Attach a small piece of double sided sticky tape onto the top side of the card next to the slice you have cut out.
  • Re-join the circle onto the sticky tape. (By rejoining you will form a slight point to the circle).
  • Apply double sided sticky tape to the card roof.
  • Attach your green leaves to the sticky tape, overlapping them slightly so they resemble tiles on a roof.
  • Attach the roof to the toilet roll house using double sided sticky tape.
  • Attach your bark door to the house using double sided sticky tape.

How to create the Fairy Garden

  • Fill a large garden pot with soil or compost.
  • Position your fairy house (push down into the soil/compost to stop it falling over).
  • Create a path from the house by placing a double width line of stones on the soil.
  • Sprinkle some grass cuttings onto your soil to create a lawn area.
  • Slide the stems of some daisies and buttercups into the soil between the grass cuttings.
  • Add some flower beds by pushing picked flowers into the soil.
  • Cut out an oval from a piece of blue card and cover the oval in glue. Tear off small pieces of blue tissue paper and scrunch them into a small ball and stick them to the oval card. 
  • Add the pond to your fairy garden.

Want to grow plants in your fairy garden?

Instead of using grass cuttings you could sow some cress seeds in your compost to grow into the fairy lawn.  Similarly, why not sow some wild flower seeds to become the flower beds.  Remember to water them daily and keep your fairy garden in a warm sunny place to allow the seeds to germinate.

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