The lovely Green Farm in Churt, Surrey is a 200-acre woodland and pasture farm, based just 8 miles from Pierrepont Farm. It does not have a tenant farmer; instead it is managed with assistance from local CRT volunteers led by Kevin Young.

Green Farm was given to the CRT in 2007, a legacy donation from the late John Broadbent-Jones. It is an incredibly peaceful place, far away from the stresses of daily life. It is a perfect retreat for relaxation and reflection surrounded by wildlife. 

We have a woodland management plan in place for Green Farm, part of which is a scheduled plan to fell some pine, coppice a large area of sweet chestnut, and restore an area of heathland, a habitat which has declined in the county for many decades.

A local farmer rents the pasture and has put some grazing animals onto it. An orchard was planted shortly before the farm was given to the CRT, the apples from which, picked by the volunteers, go to a local cider maker. Using trees with local provenance, helps to maintain local landscape heritage and conservation value. Native species are more likely to thrive than most introduced species.

Green Farm is a haven for wildlife. The heathland area is home to Nightjar, Woodcock, Tawny Owl, Roe Deer, Adder and Grayling Butterfly, and also several varieties of reptiles. You can read more about the work with Green Farm's reptiles here.

The CRT has only able to create this space thanks to John Broadbent-Jones and the legacy he left to us. Would you consider leaving a legacy too? No matter how large or small, leaving a gift in a will is a great way to preserve our countryside and encourage wildlife-friendly farming for generations to come.

Gifts in Wills have made a huge difference to our work and helped us acquire and manage land, promote wildlife friendly, environmentally sensitive food production, develop conservation initiatives and ensure our rural heritage is kept vibrant for future generations.

The CRT has partnered with the National Free Wills Network, which means we can offer a limited number of free, simple* Wills to CRT Friends, using a network of trusted local solicitors. 

If you would like your Will written for free, please complete this form. We will ask the network to send you a pack with everything you need, including a list of participating solicitors near you and a form so you can give the solicitors all the basic information they need to start drafting your Will.

Most people who use our free service kindly choose to leave a gift to help us continue our farming and wildlife conservation projects. You are under no obligation to do so.

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By giving a gift to the CRT in your Will, you will ensure future generations inherit a countryside where both nature and people thrive.