Nestled in the Surrey Weald, on the edge of South Nutfield village is 52-acre Brays Farm. A traditional dairy farm, with field parcels separated by native hedgerows, it is noted for both barn and little owls, kestrels, and swallows.

Enterprising tenant farmers, Matthew Elphick and Betsie Edge, carry out a low-input, traditional style of farming, with a mix of dairy shorthorn cows, sheep, chickens and pigs. 

Matthew and Betsie create several tasty products from the milk their dairy cows produce, selling through local shops and farmers markets, as well as supplying restaurants and pubs.

They currently make a very popular yoghurt and are on the verge launching two new Nutfield items, a gorgeous butter and a delicious French Alpine-style Tomme cheese made from skimmed milk, that’s both low fat and extremely tasty.