Green Farm

200 acres
Woodland, heathland and pasture farm

Located in Surrey, just eight miles from Pierrepont Farm, Green Farm is a stunning 200-acre woodland, heathland and pasture farm. It does not have a tenant farmer, instead a dedicated team of volunteers implements the woodland management plan and the pasture is rented to a neighbour who uses it sympathetically.

The farm, along with neighbouring land and an upkeep fund, was gifted to the CRT by John Broadbent Jones in 2007. John continued to manage the farm in a wildlife-sensitive way until he passed away in 2009.

The glorious woodland is a mixture of pine plantation and chestnut coppice. Before he died John was replacing some of the pines with mixed broadleaved trees. The pines and sweet chestnuts provide an income for the farm, and suitable areas are felled when the market and the trees are right.

When the apples are harvested from the small orchard, they take a short journey to The Old Dairy at Pierrepont Farm where they are turned into cider by the resident brewer.

The property has an area of heathland following a fire on the pine plantation. Heathland is a habitat that has been in decline in this county for many decades; we have plans to restore more heathland and welcome more wildlife to the area. Wildlife regularly seen includes woodlark, dartford warblers, nightjar, woodcock, redpoll, tawny owl, roe deer, adder, and grayling butterflies.