The Countryside Regeneration Trust (CRT) was established in 1993 by Trustee, Robin Page, and the late artist and conservationist, Gordon Beningfield, in response to growing fears about intensive and industrialised farming. Originally the charity was called the Countryside Restoration Trust.

The CRT promotes nature-friendly farming to help reverse the biodiversity decline and combat climate change. We believe nature is integral to good farming and we protect, promote and regenerate our land and all life on it. We put our philosophy into practice on over 2,000 acres of working farms, small-holdings and woodland across England.

We work in collaboration with tenant farmers to enable them to use nature-friendly farming methods on our land. Our staff support them with guidance and resources and CRT volunteers help to improve wildlife habitats by carrying out conservation projects. 

We monitor the wildlife on our properties to help us understand how our work is impacting key species and the wider environment.

We also educate people about nature-friendly farming and how healthy ecosystems support food production and our health and wellbeing.

To find out more about our farms, visit our properties