The Countryside Regeneration Trust (CRT) aims to advance the education of the public in the conduct and operation of farming and forestry operations in harmony with preservation, conservation, restoration, maintenance and improvement of the rural landscape and, in particular, of agricultural land and woodland.​

We also aim to provide (and foster the provision by others of) natural countryside habitats within working farms and commercial woodland, in which the widest possibility of wild animal, bird, aquatic and plant life may flourish. ​

And we inform and encourage others to maintain, restore and improve landscape and wildlife on working farms and in working woods.​

On our landholdings we aim to:​

  • Demonstrate how working farms can provide many ecosystem services that people and nature depend upon, including a liveable climate, healthy soil, food and clean water. ​

  • Maintain, restore and create habitats and spaces for nature, focusing especially on species and habitats that are threatened or have greatly declined across British farmland since the 1960s.

  • Monitor and showcase what our farms deliver.​

  • Produce healthy food for local consumption.

  • Support local rural businesses, including food producers and sellers.

  • Provide opportunities for local people to help care for our land and learn about the farm, its landscape and wildlife. Promote understanding about the role of our farms and the benefits they provide.

  • Work in partnership with other farming and environmental organisations to deliver benefits associated with a vibrant, nature-friendly farmed landscape across the locality and the wider landscape.​