CRT Supports New Government Crackdown on Illegal Hare Coursing

The Countryside Restoration Trust (CRT) wholeheartedly supports the Government in its current crackdown on illegal hare coursing. Read more now. Read more

ELMS and the CRT

Farming is undergoing the biggest transformation in a generation and there will be significant changes for small-scale farmers and tenant. Read more on the CRT's stand point. Read more

Environmental Targets must be strengthened to effectively tackle biodiversity crisis

The targets are a welcome roadmap to help tackle biodiversity loss but they must be strengthened. Read more

Do you know your food miles?

Have you ever given any thought to how many food miles your dinner has travelled? Read now to find out more! Read more

Government must back NFU blueprint for British farming

The Countryside Restoration Trust (CRT) is welcoming the NFU report ‘British farming: A blueprint for the future’ launched yesterday, and calling on the Government to adopt its recommendations. Read more

Tenancy at Warners Corner in Barton

We would like to clarify the situation relating to Robin Page’s tenancy at Warners Corner in Barton, Cambridgeshire, to correct any misunderstandings resulting from reports on social media. Read more

New productivity fund will help farmers fuse new technology with traditional methods

The new theme of the Farming Investment Fund, announced yesterday, is welcome support for farmers who are fusing new technology with traditional methods as part of the regenerative agriculture movement. Read more

CRT supports Morrisons efforts to reduce food waste

Reducing food waste is an important step in tackling climate change. Read more

Trade deals must back British farmers

The Countryside Restoration Trust (CRT) is calling for post-Brexit trade deals to back British farmers by ensuring a level playing field on standards. Read more

MPs visit CRT farms during National Tree Week

National Tree Week is an annual celebration of trees. Read more

Wildlife-friendly farming will help reduce the UK Red List for birds

Changing the way that we farm will help reduce the number of birds on the UK Red List and increase the populations of some of Britain's most iconic birds. Read more

Rare shrike arrives at Lark Rise Farm

A rare shrike arrived on cue at the CRT's Lark Rise Farm Read more