We use a mix of traditional and innovative new methods that benefit wildlife. 

Sustainable farming

At CRT we support and encourage our tenant farmers to use sustainable farming methods wherever possible, because we know these practices positively benefit the environment and ultimately, humankind. We are sympathetic landlords and understand that our tenant farmers need to generate a profit. Therefore, we provide support, resources and volunteers to assist the conservation activities. For example, volunteers on all the properties have planted hedgerows, resulting in wildlife corridors and increased biodiversity. 

Monitoring our success

Many species of wildlife are declining and the latest State of Nature report estimate that 15% are at threat of extinction in the UK. The CRT are bucking the trend and has an abundance of wildlife on its properties. We know this because of our wonderful team of monitoring staff and volunteers who provide data that we evaluate and disseminate. For example, on Lark Rise Farm, the number of Yellowhammers is 25 times higher now than they were 20 years ago. 

Reconnecting with the countryside

Urbanisation has distanced large numbers of people from the countryside, creating a barrier to learning. CRT wants to restore fundamental farming and wildlife knowledge to everyone, with a particular focus on igniting curiosity and wonder amongst children. This is achieved through the delivery of our Mosaic school programmes.

Natural heritage restoration

Native species and rare breeds are vitally important to CRT. Most of our farmers have traditional or rare breed livestock on their properties. We focus on saving some critically endangered species via breeding programmes and recovery initiatives. Our orchards always have traditional varieties, link to their county. 

You can help us continue this vital work by becoming a conservation volunteer checking that our wildlife has food, water and shelter, or become a wildlife monitoring volunteer and help us maintain species numbers.

Look at what we're achieving in our wildlife news and learn about the wildlife that lives on our properties.

Our Redlist Revival awards include:

Top 1% Grey Partridge

Lark Rise Farm

Top 1% Yellowhammer 

Lark Rise Farm

Top 1%
Marsh Tit 

Twyford Farm

Top 10%
Song Thrush 

Green Farm

Top 10%
Grey Wagtail 

Pierrepont Farm

Top 10%

Mayfields Farm

*% relevant for range of birds found in a specific habitat - for more information visit http://redlistrevival.org/

Volunteering is good for the environment – and it's good for you too!

"I enjoy volunteering at CRT for many reasons. I believe CRT has found a way of farming that preserves the natural wildlife of a farm alongside the production of food. 

Working in a volunteer group makes it even more fun. The work keeps me fit and healthy and I meet people with interesting tales to tell. Our group cares for an orchard of old apple and pear trees in Herefordshire. Each tree supports its own small wildlife community and provides apples to local cider manufacturers. Traditional orchards across the county are disappearing as they are grubbed up and turned to other uses, so it's important to look after our orchard so that people can visit and see how things used to be.

Visiting CRT properties helps people see that different ways of working are possible, and the current trajectory towards a future of vanishing traditional countryside and wildlife can be changed.

As a volunteer, I know the work I do as part of a team benefits both the countryside and me. The things we do are a small but important element of the overall aims of the CRT, and together we can make a difference." 

Become a CRT Volunteer

Support a local rural businesses

At CRT we have converted old and disused farming properties into vibrant communities supporting sustainable local businesses.

Whether it’s artwork, furniture or perishables these pockets of creativity represent our vision to reinvigorate rural communities, as well as giving local businesses a platform to share their talent and passion.

By supporting these business you are supporting CRT’s vision for a cohesive future for all.

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