220 acres
Mixed pasture farm and woodland

Twyford Farm is a magical property. It is a 220-acre mix of wonderful woodland, peaceful pasture and an exquisite lake located in Ashdown Forest, in the High Weald area of outstanding natural beauty.

The farm was donated to the CRT in 2013 by the late Alison Mountain. Current tenants, Bob Felton and Liz Wallis use the farm for grazing sheep and cattle as well as running a very popular B&B. With the outstanding surroundings the guest accommodation is incredibly popular with wildlife lovers and people just wanting a rest and retreat from busy urban life.

The farm has a number of small grass meadows, all of which have grass verges and hedges to create attractive corridors for wildlife. We keep the area as quiet and undisturbed as possible. Our volunteers on site carry out conservation activities to make the meadows a home to wildlife as well as livestock.

The highlight of the farm is the ancient woodland, which is rich in wildlife such as roe and fallow deer, rare birds such as the lesser spotted woodpecker and marsh tit and rare flora such as the ivy-leaved bellflower. During the first fortnight of May, there is an eruption of bluebells which is breathtaking.

Twyford Farm B&B and BellFlower Cottage

Run by our tenant farmer Bob Felton, Twyford Farm B&B and holiday cottage is located in the beautiful Ashdown Forest. 

Twyford Farm offers a rural retreat for all – whether you want to explore or relax - in this truly magical location. Providing a unique experience, our aim is to provide top quality accommodation whilst demonstrating that farming can co-exist and benefit from a countryside rich in wildlife.

Twyford Farm B&B

Rustic Tim & Sons

Tim Ford established his business just over 10 years ago at Twyford Farm. Initially just a hobby, but now his livelihood, Tim has a passion to keep a traditional rural craft alive has created a niche business creating items from wood felled at Twyford.          

 Rustic Tim & Sons